ESR Classic Hybrid (HaloLock) Case iPhone 15 Pro

ESR's Classic Hybrid HaloLock is a one-piece case consisting of a transparent layer made of acrylic that wraps around the edges and back of the phone and a durable frame around it made of thermoplastic, a soft material that also protects the device from drops.

Due to their nature, the components will provide good protection against potential everyday accidents.

HaloLock comes with a ring that is compatible with MagSafe wireless technology.
The magnetic ring ensures maximum charging efficiency as well as quick and easy connection to all accessories with MagSafe function.

- 100% Original
- Packaged in original packaging
- Elegant
- Clear
- Minimalist design
- Slim shape
- Light
- Made precisely
- Compatible with MagSafe technology
- Very suitable
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
Regular price Rp 499.000,00
Clear Black
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  • Variant: Clear
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  • In Stock: 5
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Product Type: Case
  • Brand: ESR

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