Element Case Rail iPhone 11 Pro Max

It’s the marriage of low profile and high style. The union of minimal structure and maximum protection. A case so simple in its design, yet so elaborate in its efficiency. Introducing the Rail. An incredibly lightweight fusion of snap-in side rail and buttons composed of hard-wearing polycarbonate, and a fitted bumper that combines PC and long-lasting TPU. Easy to assemble, hard to resist, the Rail is a case for those who live by the adage that less is more.

Note: Wireless charging compatible.

Light weight or heavy duty? Minimal structure or maximum protection? When it comes to choices, you always need to pick a side. With the new Rail case, deciding has never been easier. Because you don’t have to pick one thing over another. In fact, the only choice you need to make is the color.

Bringing together the stylish beauty of your phone with the elegant simplicity of the Rail is a snap. Literally. The fitted bumper with snap-in side rail allows for quick, easy, tool-free assembly.

Place the Rail in the face down position on a table top and you’ll be rewarded. The distinctive clear construction of the case allows the illumination of your phone’s screen to permeate and produce a delightful radiance.
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  • Variant: Clear/Red
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  • In Stock: 3
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Product Type: bumper
  • Brand: element case

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