Phone Rebel AIR² Series Case iPhone 15 Pro Max

Sleeker, Grippier, Lighter & more Comfortable. Rebel Air² brings all the best features into a minimal yet aesthetic design.

  • Premium TPU Exterior Finish: Crafted with the highest quality materials, this case ensures superior tactile sensation while offering unparalleled protection for your device.

  • Optimized Grip Design: Recognizing the importance of a secure hold, the Rebel Air² has been rigorously tested and developed to provide an exceptional grip, enhancing user confidence and comfort.

  • Enhanced Magnetic Strength: With an upgrade to the magnetic system, the Rebel Air² case boasts superior MagSafe compatibility, ensuring accessories remain securely in place.

  • Refined Swipe Experience: The design includes the thinnest swipeable borders available, offering an unmatched swiping experience without compromising on protection.

  • Streamlined Profile: The Rebel Air² offers protection for your iPhone while ensuring a comfortable user experience.

  • Rebel Glass GEN-3 Screen Protector: Each case comes equipped with our latest screen protector, featuring ultra-high strength 0.5mm glass and 2.75D sloped edges for a smooth, protective coverage that complements the phones aesthetics.

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